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Brochure Printing: Service Spotlight

Smoke Plastic Business Cards with Copper Foil

Full color professionally designed and printed brochures

Printed brochures can be used to tell customers about your business, inform them about your services, provide detailed information about a specific service, provide a menu, or provide a price list.

Upgrade your business image with our professional design and brochure printing service. At Robin Ludwig Design Inc we offer several paper and coating options including our 100 lb book stock with glossy AQ coating, satin coating or high gloss UV coating. If you are looking for a thick brochure, we also offer brochure printing on heavy 100 lb cover stock with AQ coating. The AQ coated brochures and satin coated brochures can be written on with a standard ball point pen. If you would prefer a brochure with no coating, we can print brochures on 70 lb letterhead paper. Please let us know if you are looking for brochure printing on a specific brochure paper or coating and we will provide a quote.

Brochure printing is available in many different sizes and folds. Our standard printed brochures are 8.5x11. We also offer 3.66x8.5 mini or business card size brochure printing, 8.5x14 brochures, 11x17 brochures and more. Our standard brochure folds are tri-fold/C fold (letter fold), half fold, roll fold and Z fold. We also offer many specialty brochure folds with brochure printing including accordion, double parallel, French, gatefold, and double gatefold

For more information about our professional brochure printing service please visit our website at

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