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  • Robin Johnson

Why choose custom design and how does it work?

Business Card Design

At Robin Ludwig Design we professionally design all of our products based on our customers specifications, design preferences and artwork. We can base design off of a website, logo or a previously printed piece. We can even base the design on the industry we are designing for. We do not design from templates.

What if you have no idea what you want... NO PROBLEM! You do not need to know what design you want to order from our business. All we need is the content for the piece we are designing. To design a custom promotional piece for your business we just need the text and logo (if you have one). If you do not have a logo we will add basic graphic enhancements to your business name to make sure it is recognized and stands out. We can even provide professional stock photography for your design!

You are invited to browse business card designs on our site to view designs we have created for other customers. If you see something you like, please let us know and we can use the design as a starting point for your unique advertising piece.

Can it get any better? SURE! We are currently designing our business cards orders for NO CHARGE with printing! Designs for our other products are typically just $35.00! Once we have your content we will email a proof within 1-5 business days (design time depends on the service) for you to review. Changes can be made from the design and new proofs sent! We want your design to be perfect and are happy to send new proofs as needed!

By custom designing all of our orders we give our customers' the advantage of having a look they can market and easily carry through to all of their advertising. You will not be sharing a template with thousands of other businesses, but will have a look all your own.

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