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  • Jim Ludwig

Custom Door Hanger Printing: Service Spotlight

Custom Door Hanger Printing

Professional design and custom door hanger printing services!

Custom door hangers are a great and cost effective way to promote your business! Printed door hangers can be used to canvas an area, notify potential customers of an event, and to promote a new or existing service.

In addition to use in promoting your business, custom door hangers are also popular in hotels and colleges where they can be used to notify attendants of your needs, as "do not disturb" door hangers, and as a way to provide information to guests. Our custom waterproof door hangers are commonly used as water conservation notices to remind college students and hotel guests to conserve water by shortening their shower or reusing towels.

We offer several custom door hanger options including 4.25x11 glossy UV coated door hangers, 3.5x11 tear-off door hangers with a detachable business card, and 4.25x11 waterproof door hangers.

For more information about our professional door hanger printing service please visit our website at

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